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This exhibition consists of 28 square meters of pebbles.

The title of the exhibition comes from the time when the Parachute Regiment was deployed into the Bogside on the 30th January 1972 with orders to fire live rounds.

After this action 13 men lay dead (1 died later as a result of his wounds) and 14 men and women were wounded.

My intention was to create a memorial for the 28 victims and the people who marched for their Civil Rights.

I was 12 years of age but the events of that day are etched in my memory forever. It has affected my sense of Justice and it has given me my perspective on life.

I have tried to make figurative images of Bloody Sunday in previous work but I find it painful and emotional even forty years after the fact.

I decided to do an abstract memorial using pebbles that I found on the beach. I’ve made an aesthetic piece of work that befits their memory.

The pebbles that I have used are roughly five and a half thousand years old. I hope this piece of work will act on a poetic level – something that will honour the people who were shot on this day. Hopefully their memories will last for another five and a half thousand years.

The passage of time has not diminished the memories or the trauma of those events.

A debt of Justice and Truth is still owed to the victims, the bereaved and the people of Derry.