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Come What May

This 30 foot long sculpture features puppets symbolising nationalists, unionists and the victims of civil strife.

The entire piece is made up of six sections. The bottom three sections are called Earth sections and the top three sections are called the heaven sections. In the green and orange heaven section, three puppeteers pull the strings of the green and orange earth sections. The two middles sections contain the innocent bystanders.

The sculpture took 6 months to complete and was constructed in Philip’s uncles battery henhouse in Donegal.

This was the first exhibit produced by Philip outside of Art College.

This piece was originally displayed at the Guiness Peat Aviation Awards for Emerging Artists at the Royal Hospital in Dublin during October and November 1986.

It was then on display in the Donogh O’Malley Regional Technical College in Letterkenny from 1986 to 1989.

It was then acquired by the County Museum, Letterkenny as part of it’s permanment collection in 1990. Unfortunately, this piece has since been destroyed.