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Songs from the Heart

There are four large works in this project exhibition. Two deal with emigration. They are called “It’s a Long Way from Clare to Here” and “They’re Cutting the Corn in Creeslough Today”. These show Ireland as a ‘Surrogate Mother’ selling her prodigy to ‘Global Foster Parents’.

The third piece deals in some way with Parochial Politics. It is called “Every Night and Every Day I’m Dreaming of the Hills of Donegal”.

The fourth piece deals with Philip’s personal sentiment on the 1981 Hunger Strike. It is called “Ninety Miles from Dublin”.

“In these four pieces I wanted to make images using sarcasm and pun. As Michael Farrell said: You have to go back into what you are, to your culture and your nationality. The whole muddle of sentiment and politics with myself in the middle”.

“On the surface, the show might look gloomy and depressing, and maybe it is; but dealing with my subject matter, I am anxious to maintain the ironic humour as well as expressions of violence, cruelty and oppression.”.