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Square the Cirle

This exhibition is a selection from a much larger body of work called “Square the Circle”.

“Who the F***’s Free in the Free State?” consists of 4 pieces of Relief Sculpture. They have an almost temporary appearance rather like the old theatrical fit-ups. These bulky pieces have the look of an old fairground tableaux.

“Who the F***’s Free in the Free State?” deals with the current state of Ireland, presenting images of religious, political, sexual and social turmoil. Each piece is depicted in a very tongue in cheek way, showing Ireland ‘coming out of the closet’.

A socio-political satire it may be simplistic and cliched. I know Irish history, like society, is a much more complex affair than that, as are the history and society or any other European nation, major or minor. However, here the message is not what it is all about – here the energy, the manic humour, the sending-itself-up vulgarity and the dramatic flair together provide the most powerful impact.

Another piece is called “Uncles Giving Lectures on Ancient Irish History”. The theme for this piece is Irish History and the turmoil that exists within Irish Politics. A big and complex issue. I’m not trying to solve or answer these problems just trying to observe some of these issues using a balance of comedy and despair. The pieces consists of two life size horses in a life size currach going through a symbolic storm. This piece would be exhibited in a darkened room lit with theatrical spotlights. In the background a tape of hymns that can have sympathetic hearing in both communities. The backing track is just about audible. So the viewer has to strain to hear the music.

The other pieces is also an installation piece and is called “Who the F***’s Free in the Free State”. Again in a humurous way I’m trying to look at post De Valera Ireland. Again another very complex issue. In a very tongue in cheek way it deals with Ireland coming out of the closet. The piece consists of four life size wardrobes with various attachments. Two wardrobes would face two wardrobes to form a square. Again these pieces would be lit with theatrical spotlights, with a backing track barely audible in the background.