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This video was produced by Jes McSparron, one of the Cut Cast Quartet.

This group exhibition showcased in the video is of new and recent contemporary sculpture is presented by four artists from Derry City and Inishowen, including myself, Philip McFadden and Jes McSparron who produced the video.

The Quartet is completed with photographer and sculptor Kevin McLaughlin who has worked for much of the last thirty years photographing Africa, India, South America and South-East Asia.

Jes McSparron is a professional Tree Surgeon who explores the sculptural possibilities, textures and forms of a wide variety of tree species.

George Doherty’s preferred media is wood, lacquer, glass fibre and resins.

I will also be including recent work from ‘Masquerade’ which comprises of 10 heads disguised with balaclavas, gas masks, swimming goggles and Pharaohs’ headdresses.

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